Commitment Canvas

by  Jakob Wolski

Played with 2-5 people that want to explore and manifest their intentions, commitments and values as a dyad or group. Prepare a blank canvas, pens, paint and brushes, a bit of water. You can also use other painting utensils. The more people play, the bigger the canvas should be. Sit in a circle and start painting on the canvas together, freely, capturing your mood or the mood of the group, or whatever really! Use brushes, fingers, leaves. Simultaneously, a dialogue emerges around intentions, commitments and values you want to commit to and manifest as a group. Explore freely, till you find something that resonates in the group. Capture the essence in a precise principle or short statement that one of you writes down on the canvas. Some prompts you can use: 1.) capture the mood: how do you feel, together, and how could you capture it in a statement, written and visual. 2.) what are values and principles you want to uphold? how does that fit in your relationship? 3.) what are you committing to uphold towards each other (supporting each other in becoming who we are meant to be, calling on each other bullshit, grounding each other in times of turmoil, spicing life) 4.) what are guiding principles you want to build your relationship on? (trust, groundedness, love). What do these mean, on your own terms, and together? Play till the canvas is fully painted and till you have captured all that wanted to be captured. If possible, share and explain the story of the canvas with witnesses like, close friends, family, colleagues. The commitment canvas can be used to manifest relationships as a tribe, a couple, founders, friends. It serves as a token that can be revisited. Play every year or so to re-manifest and explore new commitments, intentions, values.