An activity to (1) gather values of a team; (2) reveal teammates' unconscious motives.

The interviewer asks an innocuous question to begin—like: (a) what do you hope will happen in our team? (b) what kind of vibe do you hope we'll have as a team? (c) what energizes you, that you want to share with the team?

When the subject answers, the interviewer asks followup questions. Here's where things get crafty. The interviewer chooses one of four questions: (i) who are you hoping to be if you do that?; (ii) what are you trying to accomplish?; (iii) what are you trying to practice by doing that?; (iv) what are you trying to honor, by doing that? The interviewer is looking for ways the subject is trying to live up to expectations (i), accomplish goals (ii), practice activities and skills (iii), or honor values (iv).

The subject shouts "Eureka!" if the interviewers' question shows them a motive they'd been unaware of. Otherwise, the interviewer continues, choosing again from these four questions and applying them to any of the subjects answers so far, until the time's up.

At the end, answers of type (iii) and (iv) are gathered, to use in a later exercise about the team's values. (Answers of type (i) and (ii) are discarded.)

Then, the players switch roles.

Loosely based on Liberating Structures' "9 Whys". Developed with Margaret Amenyo for Social Design Cooperative.